I’m not here for a long time, I’m here for a good time

I can’t believe I’ve already been here for one month. That’s insane. Time sure does fly when you spend it trying to figure out what everyone is saying!

In all honesty though, this week I’ve really felt like my Spanish has improved immensely. I’ve found that I started muttering to myself in Spanish and even thinking a little in Spanish. I’ve also progressed to the point where I’m not needing to translate every little thing from Spanish to English and then from English to Spanish, so I’m chalking this week up as a win.

With that being said, there are still plenty of times when there’s misunderstandings due to the language barrier. For instance, this week the girls were doing a DIY project and when I asked what they were making they said “ehslime” and when you hear that you’re like what in the world is ehslime???? I just went along with it and let them continue. It wasn’t until I saw the title of the video that it was slime they were making. My dumb brain forgot that Native Spanish speakers add the letter “E” in front of words that begin with an “S” that are directly followed by a consonant. It reminds me of a time we were moving and my dad thought we had a box full of Jangers, until he opened it up and realized they were hangers, since Native Spanish speakers pronounce the “J” like and our “h” and don’t pronounce the “h” at all. Language is fun!

And, while I feel like my Spanish is improving, the jury is still out on my traveling skills. This weekend I was planning on going to Córdoba with the au pair that works for Sonia’s sister’s family. We had everything planned out, and thought we learned from our mistakes when we went to Cádiz. Spoiler alert: we didn’t. The morning started out with me waiting for a taxi from a taxi service that doesn’t pick up in my neighborhood. Although, I will say I tried multiple times to tell the woman on my first call that I lived in Palomares, but she didn’t listen to me, so I’m not blaming her, but I’m also not blaming myself. Luckily, the neighbors here are so incredibly nice, and one of them offered to drive me. I felt bad, but I was going to miss our train time if I didn’t go with him.

In the end though, it was all for nothing, because when we got to the train station, the only train times for Córdoba were 8:12 and then 1:30. This was NOT what the website told us. After much deliberating and back and forth, we decided to just stay in Sevilla. It was nice to tour the city even more and with most of the tourist-y spots covered, I could really just enjoy being in this incredibly beautiful city. We did, though, take a boat ride through Plaza De España, which was so much fun, and we even helped save another tourist’s sunglasses that had fallen in the river, while multiple other groups watched on. I won’t lie, it was very fulfilling to save her sunglasses. While I may not be good at trying to travel to other cities, I’m pretty damn good at navigating a row boat and I’m getting better and better at navigating Sevilla (so much so that I had two tourists yesterday ask me how to get somewhere).

Here are some pics from this weekend:

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En Español

No creo que he estado aquí por un mes! Qué increíble! El tiempo vuela cuando se lo pasa intentando a resolver que todo al mundo dicen.

En serio, esta semana realmente he sentado que mi Español ha mejorado mucho. He descubierto que me hablo a mí misma en Español y aún pienso en Español un poquito. Aún he progresado a donde no necesito traducir todo de Español a Ingles y luego, de Ingles a Español. Entonces, voy a llamar esta semana una victoria para mí!

Con eso dicho, hay muchos tiempos cuando la barrera del idioma ha causado las confusiones. Como cuando las niñas hacían “eslime” y no tenía ní idea qué eso era. Pero, una vez vi el titulo del video que miraban, me di cuenta que “eslime” significa “slime” in Ingles. me recuerda cuando mi familia y yo movieron a nuestro nueva casa y mi padre encontró una caja con la palabra “jangers” la escrito. Pero “jangers” significó “hangers” in Ingles porque en Español se pronuncia la “j” como la “h” en Ingles y no se pronuncia la “h” en Español. Los idiomas están divertidos!

Y mientras mis habilidades de Español mejoran, mis habilidades de viajando no son tan buenos. Este fin de semana, había planificado ir a Córdoba con la otra au-pair. El día empezó mal. Habíamos esperado para una taxi que no sirve nuestra barrio, pero mi vecino ofreció a llevarnos al metro entonces podríamos tomar al metro a la estación del tren. Aunque no quería causarle ningunos problemas, tampoco no quería llamar una otra taxi. Entonces, tomamos su oferta. Pero no importó, porque perdimos nuestra tren y las otras horarios costaron muchas. Después de mucha discusión, habíamos decidido en Sevilla. El día estuvo mucho divertido, especialmente porque habíamos terminado las mayorías des las atracciones turísticas, entonces podríamos disfrutar la ciudad sin preocupaciones. Sin embargo, tomamos un barco por La Plaza De España y salvamos las gafas del sol de una turista mientras otros turistas nos miraron. Puedo no ser bueno en viajar a otras ciudades, pero soy bueno a navegar un barco!


One Reply to “I’m not here for a long time, I’m here for a good time”

  1. I am so darn proud of you I can shout to the roof tops. I just love reading your about your journey and especially your experience with the Language. You will never forget this soul feeding adventure and will be able to share with your kids someday or just your immediate family. Have fun and keep on blogging and taking pictures. It is an inspiration for me to get there some day . Love you Aunt Dee


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