Gettin TURNT, BURNT, and Acclimated

Okay I’m not really doing either of the first two things, unless you count getting turned around everywhere you go as getting turnt. And thankfully, I’ve been practicing good skin care, so the sun has nothing on my SPF application. So, that just leaves acclimation – and personally, I think I’m getting better and better every day!

As far as my Spanish goes, I am able to get a general idea of what people are talking about, which is definitely an improvement, because when I first arrived I had absolutely no clue what was going on. I think my speaking has improved as well (but, again, that’s not saying much, I was terrible when I came here). I’m also getting better at being more direct (even though it sounds rude to me, I know it’s not) and I’m learning more about how they speak. For instance they use the present perfect much more than we do; i.e. when we speak about what we did that day we use past tense, where as they use the present perfect.

On Sunday, I somehow agreed to walk to Sonia’s parents house for lunch with the girls (I say somehow, but we all know how I agreed to this; I only say “sí” when talked to, I really need to start mixing in some no’s). Thankfully, when I arrived there was only minimal sweating, which is still a lot for me.  It was worth it though – I tried watermelon with some cinnamon sprinkled on top, and I’m mad. I’m mad it took me 22 years living on this earth to finally have tried this odd, but beautiful combination. If you haven’t tried and you like both of those things, I highly recommend it. And if you have tried it – thanks for not telling me.

Something else I tried for the first time in my life was shrimp; the entire shrimp. Back home, I’m spoiled and don’t have to look into it’s beady little eyes while I’m eating it. Here, however, they are very much interested in eating shrimp with everything on it: head, legs, shell, tail – nothing is off limits. While I was nervous to try it, after several intense minutes of psyching myself up, I finally did – minus the head (baby steps, okay). It really wasn’t all that bad – although, I still prefer it the way it’s normally prepared in the US.

Friday, we spent the day at the beach, which was a lot of fun and super relaxing. I finally finished the book I’ve been reading (‘A Man Called Ove’ – highly recommend) and I got to experience one of their chiringuito’s (beach bars). I wish I would have taken a picture of it because it had a very cool vibe to it, with a large tent to sit under and a bunch of hammocks every where. I must say it put the beach bar in Brigantine to shame (sorry, Marge and Mart).

Saturday was a long day for me. I spent the day in the heart of Sevilla, pretty much lost the entire time. In the sweltering hot heat. I’ve never experienced a heat like this before (and I’ve gone through 8 years of soccer preseason). Every single restaurant has sprinkler systems set out to spray you with water like you’re some kind of vegetable in a grocery store. You know the saying “you could cook an egg on the sidewalk it’s so hot” yeah well you could have cooked an egg on my skin and it would have burned that’s how how it was.

I tried my best to navigate the city, but it’s just so hard when you’re from Philadelphia and everything is literally a square inside a square inside a square (thanks Willy P. why aren’t more cities laid out that way?). So instead of navigating, I mainly just wandered around the city and hoped I would run into whatever I was looking for. Somehow this method worked, even when I was walking in the complete opposite direction as everybody else. I’m not saying getting lost is the best method of touring a city, but I did get to see a lot of different parts of the city that I probably would not have seen if I had stuck to the map.

Here are some pics from my adventures on Saturday:

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~En Español~

Esta semana, me he mejorado mi Español y he tomado mucho divertido. También, hacía mucho calor. Por suerte, siempre me pongo la crema del sol.

El domingo, las niñas y yo caminamos a la casa de los padres de Sonia para el almuerzo aunque hacía mucho calor. Hicimos a la casa de los abuelos con mínimo sudor (pero, todavía es mucho para mi). Tomamos el normal para el almuerzo, pero yo probé la sandía con un poco de la canela y me gustó mucho! Estoy enojada que nunca la prueba en todos mis años. Recomiendo que se prueba si le gustan ambos la sandía y la canela. Una otra cosa probé a la cena durante la semana estuvo los camarones con las cabezas, la piernas, y la piel. En Los Estados Unidos, tengo suerte que la mayoría de los camarones están preparados sin las cabezas, las piernas y la piel. Aunque necesitaba mucho estímulo a comer los camarones, diré que no están malos. Pero, me gustan los camarones mejor cuando no hay las cabezas, piernas y piel.

El viernes, fuimos a la playa. El día estaba muy relejante y finalmente he terminado mi libro ‘A Man Called Ove.’ La playa tiene un chiringuito que es muy guay. El chiringuito tiene un toldo grande que se sienta debajo y también muchas hamacas. Me gustan el chiringuito mucho!

El sábado estaba un día largo para mi. Hacía mucho calor y yo caminaba en Sevilla todo el día. Intentaba navegar la ciudad, pero es difícil cuando seas de Philadelphia y la entera ciudad es un cuadrado dentro de un cuadrado dentro de un cuadrado (gracias Willy P, muchas ciudades deberían ser como Philly). Mientras me perdí, yo vi más de la ciudad entonces si había obedecido al mapa.


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