My Dad Told Me I Need to Take More Pictures

My dad told me I need to take more pictures, so this is a blog post dedicated to them – you’re welcome dad!

The family that I am nannying for (and staying with for the next two months) live just outside of Sevilla in Palomares del Rio. I’ve had the opportunity to explore a lot of Palomares and the surrounding neighborhoods this past week. But this weekend was my first chance to get to tour the heart of Seville.

On Friday, the parents of Sonia (my host mom), took me into Seville and showed me around La Plaza de España. Before heading out I decided to change into something a little nicer, however, Elena (who is five) straight up told me that if I wanted to look prettier I would need to change my shoes. I think I would have been a little more insulted if I hadn’t been so impressed with myself for understanding exactly what she said the first time she said it to me. Go figure – one of the first sentences I understood was the one that was insulting my fashion sense. I have to hand it to her though, she speaks her mind and I can respect that. Sonia’s dad is so cute and he knows a lot about Spanish history, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to understand everything he was saying, but it sounded really cool! The plaza is surrounded by a moat (not really sure if that’s the best term for it, but it’s not a river and it’s man made, anyways) and people can take row boats around the river. We did not do that, but it’s definitely something I think I’ll go back and do! On the walls of the plaza are paintings of each city in Spain depicting an important part of the history of that particular city.

Here are some pictures of La Plaza de España:

Today, Sonia took me into Seville and we did a lot of walking. I was able to tour Real Alcázar de Sevilla with a Spanish speaking tour guide (again, didn’t understand everything, but was able to pick up on all of his Game of Thrones references, so at least I could understand the important things). This place is seriously so beautiful. I could have spent the whole day in the gardens alone. The pictures seriously don’t do it justice.

After Real Alcàzar, we had some tapas which included some of the best cheesecake I have ever had. After tapas, we did a tour of La Catedral de Sevilla – which is the biggest gothic cathedral in the world. It’s unlike anything I have ever seen. I mean I thought Notre Dame was big – but, this puts it to shame. And the inside is even more incredible – theres just room after room after room of beautiful paintings, statues, and treasures of silver and gold. And the best part about La Catedral is the view from the top of the Giralda tower; it’s seriously breathtaking – again, the pictures don’t do it justice.

En Español:

Mi padre me dijo que necesito tomar más photos, entonces esto es dedicado a estas photos – de nada papá!

La familia que estoy una au pair y me quedaré con los dos proximo meses, viven en un pueblo a fueras de Sevilla, se llama Palomares del Rio. He podido explorar mucho de Palomares y los otros barrios. Pero, este fin de semana, tuve la oportunidad a ver la corazón de Sevilla.

El viernes, los padres de Sonia me mostraron La Plaza de España. Antes de salir, decidí a vestirme un poco mejor. Pero, Elena (tiene cinco años), me dijo, “si quieres parecer más guapa, necesitas los zapatos diferentes.” Tengo que respetarla para hablando el mente. A La Plaza de España hay un rio pequeño que el gente puede pasar por con un bote. El padre de Sonia sabe mucha historia de España. Entendí algún pero había mucho que no entendí. A lo largo de las paredes de La Plaza, hay pinturas de las ciudades diferentes en España y cada pintura representa un acontecimiento que es específico a esa ciudad.

Hoy, Sonia mostraba otras partes de Sevilla. Yo iba en un tour de Real Alcázar con un guía España. Mientras yo no entendía mucho, yo entendía sus referencias a Juego de Tronos! Esta lugar es muy bonita. Me encantan los jardines – yo podría pasar todo el día allí.

Después de Real Alcázar, Sonia y yo fuimos a un restaurante y tomamos tapas. Y luego, Sonia me mostraba La Catedral de Sevilla. Esta catedral es la más grande catedral en el todo mundo. Es increíble. Hay muchos salas, pinturas, esculturas, y tesoros. También, La Catedral tiene unas vistas asombrosas de el toro de Giralda.


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  1. So proud of you my love! Enjoy yourself and have a fabulous summer, can’t wait to see you, safe travels back home! Love you lots! XOXO


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